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Checkout ‘AVRY – New Chain’ by Low High Presents on SoundCloud Music

L&H kicked things off on June 1st, 2018, as an events team. Bringing live music and live art together in one building. After covid-19 struck the live music industry and forced L&H and many to cancel/reschedule shows in early 2020, the journey into exploring different sides of the music industry began.

During the pandemic, an Artist Management wing and Record label formed as additional parts of LOw & high. Events, management and the label are the focus for the L&H team going forward. Keeping it all under one name is the goal, in order to set L&H apart from others.

Click Here to listen​ AVRY – New Chain by L&H on Soundcloud.

L&H plans to keep invading bass music with outer-worldly deep dubstep, hybrid trap, Space bass, heavy dubstep and glitchy bass music on the lysergic side.

Regardless of the platform or medium, you can count on Low & high to provide the right vibes for your bass music needs. Whether it’s an event, a special release, or one of our artists are on the way to invade your event, L&H will come through.

Hit the link below and follow the journey.
L&H linktree

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