Slash, Myles Kennedy, and Two Conspirators All Contracted COVID-19 While Recording New Album

“Everybody [had] to navigate the whole COVID experience”

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators took extra precautions while recording their upcoming album, 4Unfortunately, that didn’t stop most of them from contracting COVID-19 during the process.

The Guns N’ Roses guitarist reveals in a new interview that he, Kennedy, and two of the Conspirators all were infected with COVID-19 despite purposely not traveling commercially en route to the studio.

“The funniest story about this record was the COVID story, because we took a tour bus to Nashville to keep ourselves safe — to get there and not travel commercially,” Slash told Germany’s Radio Regenbogen (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). “And then we went and recorded the whole record, and then I got a phone call from Myles in the studio when I was about to do overdubs, and he goes, ‘Man, I tested positive.’ And subsequently, two of the other guys tested positive, so they all had to go into quarantine. And we still had to do percussion and background vocals, and so we sort of stalled.”


He continued, “So we mixed what we had, which was a lot. And then we recorded the background vocals in the guest house of the house that we were all quarantined in. And then those guys got better. I tested positive finally. And so I had to quarantine. But I just got vaccinated, so I only had to quarantine for a few days. And so I came out, and then we did the percussion and mixed [the rest of] the record and drove home. So that was the funny experience about this particular record, was everybody having to navigate the whole COVID experience.”

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