Emerging R&B Queen and Vocalist, Payton, Has a New Emotion-Filled Single, “Letter to My Ex”

A vocal queen emerging from within the vast musical space in Washington has graced our land and from the onset, her striking beauty and killer vibe makes the world stop and stare in towering appreciation at such a sexy deity exuding femininity in its raw form! Her expressive demeanor and confidence precede her and when she gets up on that stage, she makes damn sure you never forget her name; Gary Payton, ladies, and gentlemen! Packing her sound with the richly veiled R&B sound, she improvises just enough to ensure the sound carries an extensive glow of some broad selection of related styles such as hip-hop and pop.

Her vocals are the soul and heart of her music and you will marvel at the way she is able to register those perfect notes and exercise staggering vocal control over any type of beat there is. And that is exactly the case in her latest single, “Letter to my ex”- a certified and emotion-filled tune that displays her as a superstar performer. This is no different from what you hear from your favorite female artists.

Entering the cadence floor with a blissful piano melody, the track builds and halfway meets some scintillating synths accompanied by compelling extra instrumental flow with her voice flying over this superb arrangement in charming ways. She has a voice of gold and she takes the form of the instrumentation and whisks a listener to a world of reminiscence where they get to relay their emotions about their ex-lovers who did them wrong!

As the track builds, the powerful melodic beast is unleashed with the deep-phased bass blending with intriguing effort with the other instruments and drums to fashion a club-like R&B staple. Payton remains unhinged and still shimmers vocally- in perfect sync to the beats and taking a listener by surprise at such flexibility and dynamism.

This is a deeply relatable tune and if you still harbor some words/emotions which were left unsaid, this is the perfect tune to resonate with as you let Payton say those words for you in her soothingly adorable way.

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