Avril Lavigne Drops New Single “Bite Me”: Stream

Featuring drums by Travis Barker

Avril Lavigne has unleashed her new single “Bite Me,” which marks her debut release for Travis Barker’s DTA/Elektra Records. Update — November 12th: Lavigne has shared an official music video that features plenty of footage of Barker on the drums. Stream it below.

The sassy track finds the Canadian pop icon dismissing a former flame who comes back begging for a second chance after realizing just what he’s lost.

“Just face it, we didn’t make it/ You bit off more than you could chew, can you taste it?” she snarls on the deliciously snarky chorus over drums by Barker. “You shoulda known better to fuck with someone like me/ Forever and ever you’re going to wish I was your wifey/ Should’ve held on, should’ve treated me right/ I gave you one chance, you don’t get it twice.”

“Bite Me” will serve as the lead single for Lavigne’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled seventh album, and follows “We Are Warriors,” her 2020 re-recording of the Head Above Water closer “Warrior.”

In a radio interview with Kevan Kenney, the singer teased how the upcoming studio set — which she called “the most alternative record from front to back that [she’s] made” — was influenced by her budding romance with Mod Sun. “Going through, I was experiencing heartache, heartbreak at the beginning of making the album,” she revealed. “And then during that process of making the record, I did fall in love and go into a new relationship, and so you can sort of see that in the album.”

Back in 2020, Lavigne sat down with Kyle Meredith for an interview about her battle with Lyme disease. She also discussed turning “We Are Warriors” into an anthem in the era of COVID. Last month, CHVRCHES covered the star’s classic 2002 hit “I’m With You” as part of their Apple Music Home Session.

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